The Card Reader

A gypsy card reader reads the fortunes of all who enter his shop in a human parade of the beautiful, the young, killers, poets, dancers, rich, divorcees, and fools. He turns over his Tarot cards and tells them the truth. Each reading has its risks and rewards, and he keeps a knife in his boot. One day a young actress enters his shop and he discovers her cards are also his own.

“As for The Card Reader...just marvelous...all of it.” 

Pamela Eakins, PH.d, author “Tarot of the Spirit”

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Derry’s Vampire

Is revenge sweeter than love? Bill, the vampire slayer, finds out as he seeks to end his morbid quest to kill the world's most vicious vampire, and have fun killing every vampire he sees along the way.

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Notes to a Five-Year-Old

Bill Morris' "Notes to a Five-Year-Old" is an insightful and caring look at a Father's learning, playing, and growing with his daughter of five. Crystal clear glimpses at the fears, truths, and cheerful times of childhood, these short gleaming essays bring you back to the fun and memorable moments we all lived when young and relive through our children. Happy times ahead!

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The Emperor’s Daughter

What would you do with unlimited money, a universe of money, more money than you could ever spend?

The Emperor, a criminal mastermind, knows as he buys and sells entire countries. And now private investigator Morgan Hercules must find him to help save a beautiful Phd's sister. And he's not so sure he wants to face the most powerful criminal force in the world. It's going to get ugly. But he'll do it for the crushingly beautiful Julie.

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The Astral Zoo

Meet the animals that roam at night in complete freedom as astral beings.

Bill Morris' novel, The Astral Zoo, is a splendid view of zoo animals finding freedom in a zoo that is yet untamed. Though caged during the day, they live as astral beings under the astral sun, playing and finding their real selves at night. But there is a problem in the zoo. The baboons have secured a deadly mirror.

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The Red Jacket

This is a book of remembering. Of keeping hold of the things worth keeping. Of remembering someone you lost. And when you're fifteen and you lose someone, the most important one in your life, you might need help remembering who the lost one was, who you were, and who you are years later. After you've moved on.

The Red Jacket is about a daughter's loss of her mother. A book about the things she should remember. The jewels of her family, her child life, her mother's care.

All the things worth keeping. Like a red jacket.

Notes from our readers:

“Wonderful book. What treasured memories...” Ann Walker

“Treasure received!” Sally Grey

“Thanks for the book....I cried twice.” Erica Johnson

“Pretty amazing pieces...They leave me inspired.” Kate Dickey

“I cried several times during The Red Jacket...So powerful!”  Pamela Eakins

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Grey Goddess

Grey Goddess takes you on a summer journey through the California world of surfing, sex, and finding lost spirit.

"A true but comical depiction of the surfing lifestyle, Bill Morris has hit the lip with his book, Grey Goddess."
--Skip Snead, Surfing magazine

"Finally, a coherent fictional treatise on humankind's two most worthwhile obsessions: surfing and sex."
--Scott Hulet, Editor, The Longboard Quarterly

"Fun reading. Wish I was back in California and a few years younger!"
--Dave Bowman, Seattle Times

Grey Goddess is an underground hit in the world of California beach life and surfing, a novel that has received high praise around the world. It traces the strange spiritual journey of a man in crisis who meets a mystical goddess on the beach who guides him in his survival quest.

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New Sun Publications is proud to present the works of Bill G. Morris!

Enjoy the vision, the spirit, and the stories, well received around the world,

that have kept readers enthralled and eager for each new work.

Good Morning, Ryan

Childhood is filled with unique and special moments and Bill Morris' book is a touching and heart-warming celebration of being young. Written for his 5-year-old daughter, "Good Morning, Ryan" presents the fun, the cherished surprises, and the subtle joys that a child brings to the family, memories that all of us can relate to and share. Whether it's the difficult task of learning to share or delight of baking a first pie, Morris captures in clear vignettes the experiences that we all felt as kids and as parents.

A cascade of refreshing memories. Ones you'll long remember and enjoy.

From the author of "Notes to a Five-Year-Old," Morris' new book is a gift of childhood, gift of joy.

“‘Good Morning, Ryan’ is wonderful. Absolutely bursting with love... so full of sweet/intimate details.. And the fun--the games, the animals, the funny breakfasts. The loving honesty. It's a lot more than informative--straight from the heart.”

Linda Davick, author and illustrator, Ready, Set, Grow!

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